Friday, March 22, 2013

Thaksin leave Dawei

By Dawei Watch | Dawei, March 22 |
Former Thai Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra left Dawei this early morning to Hang Kong by his private jet, an airport authority told Dawei Watch.

A group of businessmen believed to be from Malaysia led by Thaksin unexpectedly arrived Dawei yesterday morning and toured the islands along Maungmagun beach, one of the famous beaches in the region for at least 8 hours, a police officer said.  

According to a police officer who take care of the Dawei deep sea port area, the group then got back to Dawei Deep seaport area around 9 PM and stay over night there.

 Thaksin and the groups left the airport today in the morning. One of the three flights flied back to Hang Kong, one to Malaysia and the last to Bangkok, the airport authority added.

Local businessmen said that they think Thaksin is seeking to develop the tourism site around the Maungmagun beach especially on the islands the along the coastal area.

"We encourage to develop ecotourism site there rather than some sort of dirty industries", Htein Win of Dawei Regional Tourism company based in Dawei said.  

Thaksin had visited Dawei at least three times in last two years.


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